Good Habitats for Songbird Please...

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Good Habitats for Songbird Please...

Postby kristinah18 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:36 pm

You know what, I like my surroundings filled with music and chirping sounds of the nature. I moved to my new residence with good backyard space last spring, though bit sloppy. And started with growing some flowering plants and paving the driveway etc. Thanks to the landscaping service in Mississauga that I rendered.
I love to have few songbirds over at my yard, I don’t want them caged. No living has to be living in a cage, they have to be free and they should just fly around in the yard and sing for me now and then as they feel joy.
Any suggestions on the plants that I have to grow for them to feel free at my site and any suggestions on the food that I can use to attract them over.
The landscape supply company in mississauga provides many seeds for different plants and tools and soils for them to grow. I can purchase from them. But not sure what all habitats would attract the Passeris. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. :)
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Re: Good Habitats for Songbird Please...

Postby Dr. John » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:52 am

Welcome to the board!

Native plants are generally a good bet as they provide either food sources or other materials that songbirds will be adapted for. There are native plant sales in the spring that are worth going to (e.g., North American Native Plant Society sale in Markham). There are also nurseries that supply native plants. Some will just show up in your garden (e.g., milkweed).

Songbirds will benefit from sheltering trees or shrubs. This will help them avoid predators and they are more likely to hang around your backyard if they have shelter. Anything with relatively dense foliage and/or branches is good.

Fruiting plants, especially those with berries are popular with some songbirds such as robins and waxwings. Sumac, serviceberries, wild cherries, elderberries are all good. Plants that produce seedheads are popular with goldfinches and other seed eating birds. Coneflowers and native sunflowers are good examples. Jewelweed is good for hummingbirds. Anything that attracts insects (most flowering plants) will also attract birds feeding on the insects.
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Re: Good Habitats for Songbird Please...

Postby JW Mills » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:58 pm

Small evergreens and shrubbery for birds to hide in.
A bird bath is always a good addition.
As for food;
Niger for Finches,
Shelled peanuts for Woodpeckers and Nuthatches,
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for everthing else.

Some good info here;
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